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  • Natal Chart

    Learn more about yourself through knowing your 12 planet placements.

    Your Natal 
  • Life Path Calculator

    Know your life path to better understand your journey.

    Life Path Calculator 
  • Current Moon Cycle

    Align yourself with energy by know the current cycle and placement.

    Current Cycle 
  • Current Planetary Transit

    Know the current planet placements and where they are positioned for you.

    Current Transit 
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  • Amazon Affiliated StoreFront

    Our Amazon Storefront has recommendations on things that will benefit your and your journey, that Amazon provides. Affiliate Commission

  • Shadow-Work Workbook (On Amazon)

    This book is for you to write your own feelings, your own thoughts and express your feelings on things known or unknown that surfaces within your shadow work. Only you know you, and only you are fully capable of the inner-work.

    "So within, so without"

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A world for everyone's needs. “DivineFemWorld '' is establishing a strong foundation to be a one stop shop for all areas that build an individual spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, naturally. A foundation to make the world a better place, by each individual given the opportunity to be the change they seek in the world.

Filling one’s own cup. Self love.