Get to the Promise. Deprogram and Reprogram

Roadmap to Higher-Self
Inner-standing oneself, is the only way to reach one’s potential, known as.. Higher-self. We are spiritual beings living a human experience, and learn habits and traits from infancy to the age of 7. Teachings brought down through generational belief(s). Only things of God; Regardless of whom you deem God to be, brings the promise of what one desires. *No stones casted It’s about unlearning the things that do not serve and in return, filling one’s own cup, with what serves.. Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally and Physically. To receive love, it is about giving; But without love for self, there is no love to give. “We show people how to treat us!” Just like how.. “We cannot fill another cup, from an empty one”. Though many in the world do it, out of the love for others (Do unto others, as one seeks for self), one must love self more than anyone else. God is within us! Our body is our temple. “We have all the tools we need”.
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