Solar Plexus Chakra

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Solar Plexus Chakra Located: Belly button (2 to 3 inches above) Color: Yellow
Healing Affirmation: I am strong and know my worth Balanced Energy: Warrior, Boundary, Self Esteem and Worth Behavioral Changes: Boundaries in saying "No" (Some think that "no" always means something bad. "No" can mean, I am going to strive as well), Enhancing self esteem, exercising, good things for self.
Symptoms when unbalanced: Weak-willed, Insecure. Lacking self esteem, confidence and/or personal power.
Gemstone(s): Tiger's eye and/or Sunstone
Essential Oil(s): Atlas CedarWood and/or Lemongrass
*Some Essential oils are more expense due to the richness of the oil. Frankincense was mainly utilized in the B.C. on up.
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