Third Eye Chakra

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Third Eye Chakra Located: Between the eyebrows to the brain's Pineal Gland Color: Indigo
Healing Affirmation: I know I AM, and I trust my intuition Balanced Energy: Beyond wisdom, expands states of consciousness, intuition psychic abilities, pineal gland in tune with the physical and spiritual world. Ego and soul Behavioral Changes: Meditation, mindfulness and inner voice recognition
Symptoms when unbalanced: Headaches, stubbornness, narrow mindedness, denial of spiritual world, lack of intuitive guidance
Gemstone(s): Amethyst, Flourite and/or Lolite
Essential Oil(s): Lemon, Sandalwood and/or Spikenard
*Some Essential oils are more expense due to the richness of the oil. Frankincense was mainly utilized in the B.C. on up.
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