Root Chakra..The start

Roadmap to Higher-self (The beginning)
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Root Chakra Located: Tailbone Color: Red
Healing Affirmation: I am safe and balanced with this world Balanced Energy: Physical body, Survival, Balanced with the 3D Behavioral Changes: Physical body. Eating and sleeping pattern shift. People, places and things..etc
Symptoms when unbalanced: Fear, anxiety, lack "Don't have enough" mindset. Digestive upset.
Gemstone(s): Black Onyx, Hematite and/or Smoky Quartz
Essential Oil(s): Vetiver and/or Frankincense
*Some Essential oils are more expense due to the richness of the oil. Frankincense was mainly utilized in the B.C. on up.
Cleansing purposes: Soap w/ Vetiver (They only had the hand soap when searched. Yes, it states for men; However it's a trusted company for me and recommended item)
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