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Spiritual Bath for removal of unwanted, Generational, Casting and/or energetic cords

Spiritual Bath for removal of unwanted, Generational, Casting and/or energetic cords

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Please Note: There are times when I AM lead to do specific baths only, so stock availability will vary per season.

Important message: If you are familiar with spiritual baths and when you should utilize particular bath through knowledge and discernment, this is not for you. Please make sure if you are new to cleansing and/or has recently begun your spiritual awakening, book a "Spiritual Guidance" 1 on 1 to speak about your experience(s), and what would be the best recommendation to bring results.

Spiritual Bath(s) assist in extracting internal energy, protecting external and implementing attracting mechanisms "amplifying energies" to assist you as you continue your everyday living. 

*Karmic Purge spiritual bath is to purge "release" anything that may be in the way, that is known or unknown to you. Ex. Energetic cording from others.

*Please Note: Nothing will be removed, that is meant to be, stay. Only what is not meant will be left behind as there is a following "Door opener", to start walking towards your destined bath without energies that do not serve you or your journey, purpose. Note that, time is not the same for each individual, entity. Trust your process.

Karma doesn't solely have to be just your own karma. It can stem from family, friends, associates and/or casted, by someone towards your family bloodline, someone in your family (which are forms of "Generational curses"), or you.


What we do for self, we attract "mirror" back to ourselves.

Twin Flame | It is a mirroring of one another; Regardless of time and space, together or temporary separation. 

*US Shipping is included *International shipping not included (working on finding better pricing).

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