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Product ROI Planner

Product ROI Planner

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This Product ROI Planner is to help you manage your products, cost, purchases and payouts. This 13 page printable will provide you an easy to do planner to log and track for your products. 

  • Products
  • Digital Products
  • Your Product Price w/o Tax
  • Distributor
  • Distributor Amount w/ Tax (Any other fees)
  • Distributor Tax
  • Distributor Fees
  • ROI
  • POS (Point of sale)
  • POS % and Dollar Amount
  • Total ROI
  • Product Details
  • and 11 more sections

I have provided one sheet per product logs, so no matter if you are scaling small (for now) or big in your business, you have the control to print the pages you seek more of when printing.

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