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"How to" build your Shopify website

"How to" build your Shopify website

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There are many people who charge a lot to build a website. I didn't learn because I didn't have the money, I learned because I am hands on with all that I do and/or offer.

The is a no "gatekeeping" course that gets you ready to start your business.

This course will help you in every area of Shopify, and I guide you every step of the way. You will learn the in's and out of Shopify.

You will learn how to build your entire website. 

  • Dashboard
  • Setting
  • Products
  • Building your site
  • Shipping
  • Inside my Dashboard
  • My Site Test Mode
  • Outro Information

Start your business and goal of becoming financially free, as you build your generational foundation. 


Also, here is my link with Shopify for the 3 days free and $1 a month for 3 months, if they so happen to not have it on their site and/or you seek to go through the affiliate link they gave me.

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